Friday, July 6, 2012

Cowgirl Bedroom Surprise reveal

Our dear daughter was away at camp for the first time ever for a WHOLE WEEK and instead of sitting back and relaxing we had to find something to keep us busy! We had been collecting pieces and ideas (via Pinterest Follow Me on Pinterest) for her bedroom for the past couple months and this was the perfect opportunity to pull it all together and give her the girly cowgirl room she has been wanting. So our relaxing parenting free week turned into project surpise for our little cowgirl.

We mainly re-purposed items we had or made each element in her room. Here is the grand tour.

The bed is kinda the best! The headboard is made with old rusty corrugated metal we salvaged from a barn we are tearing down. The bedding we ordered from Amazon.

The fab burlap pillows were made for me to match her bedding - very reasonbly!!! They are from Lola & Bea and many of her pillows are available at Vintage Glam & Junque in Rogers. Love to shop local when we can : )

While we love old things we don't live in an old home so sometimes adding character and architecural elements (essentials to the cowgirl vibe) is tough. We used a metal tin shelf above the window to add a touch of this. It was a great fix for an awkward window placement for curtains too.

Below the window we have a hope chest (AKA Toy storage) turned window bench. It's a great little reading spot and very functional which is important for kiddos rooms. The hooks beside the window are also great for her purses & book bag. If everything has a spot, it's more likely to get put away there right??? PS;YES that is a real cow skull there and Kaia selected as a room element herself! EWW

A box sign I love for empowering a tween girl - heck a girl of any age needs to know this!

Another hand picked item for her room were these horns that I got at an estate sale and my crafty hubs mounted them to an old architecual peice of wood to make it stand out even more.

This is part of the collage/gallery wall that contains lots of collected cowgirly elements (horse shoe, rusty barbwire & horse chalkboard) along with favorite photos. I (with my niece & newphew) made the "All good things..." art piece with a scrap of wood, crazy painting & some letter stickers. I love this quote because it always makes me think of her free spirited nature and it's another personal element to her room.

This fabulous PINK dresser with paisley top and glazed distress detail may be my favorite thing in the room. I took an antique and made it girly for our cowgirl and just coulding be happier with how it turned out. Another feature in the room that adds loads of character is the old barn wood wall behind the dresser (again reclaimed from an old house we are tearing down). My husband also crafted the marquee horseshow which is a great night light ; )

One solution I was looking for in the room make over was more display space for all Kaia's little things. She loves to display her trophies, ribbons, drawings, rocks and trinkets she finds. All those elements will now be store in this area. The corkboard is HUGE like 3 feet x 4 feet and we re-did the book case with trim and a pallet wood top to function in the room as well.

For a nightstand we repurposed an industrial metal cart with great color & character and proped and old yellow door we had behind it. I painted mason jars & made burlap flower arrangements in each one. I also shabbied up a lamp we had and a skeleton of the shade with burlap. Some of my dad's old western books are even added to the table which is a personal nod to him maybe only I know.

The last thing in this rather LONG post is the "you are my everything" subway art type sign which is made by Go Jump in the Lake signs and it's big & the perfect shade of pink the room.
I hope she knows she is everything to us! We love ya girl! XOXO - mom & dad

Now you can see what she thinks!

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