Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back 2 Fabulous - Challenge #2

So I haven't messed up on our “Back 2 Fabulous” plan – YET! But it’s been literally less than 24 hours. But I'm setting goals and slaying obstacles. 

Small Change #1: Work out
STATUS: underway (okay this my be a BIG change in lifestyle but a small change to my daily routine - 30 minutes! I CAN do this!)

My beginer work out:
30 mins eliptical (3-5 resistance and burning about 200 calories)
50 crunches
30 lunches

 (it’s not pretty but it’s real)

Today’s challenge….H20!

Small Change #2….Drink LOTS of water.

We want to be floating up to our eye balls in water to shed pounds.

There is a great article about WATER from the fabulous Jillian Michaels here:

To sum it up...we (women) need 88 ounces of water a day. More if you’re workin’ out and more it it’s hot outside. Looks like we are aiming for 100+ ounces of replenishing H20 per day! I'm keeping a 24 ounce cup with straw by my desk or with me at all times. A failure to plan is a plan to fail, right? So I'm downing 2 before noon and 2 before 4pm and one with my work out tonight. Keepin' a good pace. Wish me luck!

We are also keeping a board of inspiration, recipies, work out tips and links to articles related to our "Back 2 Fabulous" journey here:


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