Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Pinterest Party

Are you pinning all sorts of pretty things on Pinterest? Saying to yourself, "Oooh! I'm sooo gonna make that! Awe and THAT too! WOW- and that also!" But then what?

Senario #1 You go about your busy life and never make any of those above pretty things you pin! BOO : (

Senerio #2 You get together with your awesome Pretty Pinterest Party gals once a month and bring a bottle of wine, a can of Diet Coke, and maybe even a bag of Taco Bell (okay that's what I would bring)... you get the idea...and you actually MAKE one or two of those pretty Pinterest projects!

Pinned Image
Pedistal chalkboards by Mud Pie Studio

Pinned Image
Spring Wreath by Postively Splendid

Pinned Image

Wood Sign by Shanty 2 Chic

Basically the point is that you get off your bootie, off Pinterest and actually MAKE something that you pinned! I mean, maybe I'm just talking about myself here...but I doubt it. :o) I'm motivated to create something off my DIY board ( http://pinterest.com/likethegame/ ) and I'd love y'all to join me.

I've created a FB event called "Pretty Pinterest Party" , set a date of April 3rd and I'd love for any ladies to JOIN! You may even already have an invitation waiting for you! Hopefully you have other crafty friends or wanna be crafters you can bring along with you - feel free to share  -the more the merrier! I will host at our Junque 2 Jewels workshop space which is perfect for whatever craft we can dream up. We will also be voting soon on what our first project will be, then we can put together a supplies list. 
Feel Free to email me for additional details at katie@2katiedesigns.com

Looking forward to making pretty schtuff with you
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