Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Sweet Kaia & Autism Thoughts

I hate to admit this but I haven’t prayed for you not to have Autism my sweet Kaia.

 Sounds weird huh...coming from a woman who believes whole heartedly in the miracle working power of prayer. However, I am scared that Autism is so much of who you are that you wouldn’t be you if I asked God to take it away.

I must be demented to in some way to hold the key to your world but not want to free you…but I have to justify that with the fact that I know you are happy, you don’t realize (yet) that you are different and you are content with your life.

On the other side of that, wouldn’t a person who has been blind their entire life to suddenly receive sight be thankful and find more joy. I don’t know. These are the crazy things I ponder as I re-discover my hopes for you.

Above all things I want you to love God and serve God and this disability doesn’t hinder that or change that one bit.

Mama loves you Sweet Kaia.
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