Friday, January 14, 2011

The Great Create

So if you're crafty and ya know it...but perhaps you supress that awesome part of yourself - STOP! Hit the link and join us for this year long journey of craft project swapping. So fun. : )

my house is vanilla: The Great Create: "What is The Great Create? Basically, just a small group of crafty girls who have committed themselves to crafting each month with the purp..."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sharing the LOVE

Just thought I would share a bit of the LOVE fest that is going on at my house right now...Valentine's decor has gone up and it's always a bit different from the year before. I have decided to focus seasonally on the mantel and entrayway table area to transform them with each holiday or season. So next up is Valentine's day!

The pics aren't the best because they are with the iphone and I'm too busy/lazy/whatever to actually upload from the "real" camera today so this will suffice...

although I will have to get the real camera pics because my husband ROCKED it, making me this 18" tall X and O to go on the mantle so it's already changed a little. I even glitter-fied them so they are over the top sparkle fab. So wait to see that soon!...sorry : (

Some of the details on the pics;
...Kaia my ever so helpful kiddo staple together doilies to make the heart banners in a jiffy!
...all the Zebra is crepe birthday streamers which make my heart so happy. Kaia also added various hearts to a few of those to hang the jumbo entry hearts.
...I have 5 pink feather boas laying around the house in various places to use for this...which was a bit disturbing. They are stuffed in the hurricanes on the mantle along with pink Christmas bulbs as well as the garland on the tree of love.

I love transforming the house from season to season, for me it's part of making each holiday special for my family. Hope this goes a little way in letting them know how much I love 'em! XOXOXO

ADDED - 1/14/11 Here is the XO I promised to add!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good Riddance 2010

I don't believe in dwelling on the negative but 2010 was one of the most personally difficult years of my life. I really struggled at times to find the balance and joy among the busy-ness and chaos of life. I am grateful  and thankful for the blessing the year held but overall I am glad the year is behind us and I am ready for a FRESH start in 2011. So I say Good Riddance to you 2010 and...

here are some of my REsolutions for 2011...
I will
RElax & REjoice.

These are the things I hope to REmember and keep in the forfront for 2011 and I hope to share with many of you as we start the new year.

Happy New Year! - Katie
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