Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Greate Create!

It really is great to be creating! I get all in a funk if I go a few days without getting my fingers singed by a glue gun or having paint stuck under my nails so I have to tell you how excited I am about The Greate Create. The "gist" of it is a monthly craft round robin swap set up and it's created to get YOU creating more. It's a great motivation for me thus far and I am just excited to see what these crafty ladies are making each month. Come create with us if you need to get your mojo back!

Here is the info provided by our fearless leader, Melissa, at My House is Vanilla. This gal is a great supporter of 2 Katie Designs and just a cool chick, I wanna ring her like a sponge so I can have a drop of her creativity.

What is The Great Create?

Basically, just a small group of crafty girls who have committed themselves to crafting each month with the purpose of marking things off their "to-do" list and, at the same time, swapping items with each other.

Can I participate?

Fo shizzle. Email ( and you're in.
What are the guidelines?

Pretty simple. Choose 12 items that you want to create this year. Each month, you'll mark one of your items off the list by making TWO of whatever it is (two bags, two stuffed cats, two balloon paintings... um, whatever). You'll keep one - and the other will be shipped off to your monthly swap partner.

Who's my swap partner?

Each month, you'll get a new partner - the goal is for everyone to receive something from each person participating! I'll send out an email each month with the name of your partners... which won't be a secret because, well, that's just too many emails for me to commit myself to sending. I'm lazy.


So for the first month I had my BFF to give my creations too...spoiled her a bit with a Frame, a Super Glitter Cup and a glittery XO for her Valentine mantle motif. I recieved from Jessisa at Our House on the Hill an awesome Valentine garland which made a great addition to my own mantle when I added my personal photo booth pics. Sa-weet! Also she can SEW and I am SO jelous!

Did a mention children are involved here? They can join too! Great huh? We have a JV sqaud and I'm not sure if it was coordinated or not but it worked that Kaia had to send her Greate Create project to Kensey (Jessica's daughter) which was neat. Kaia was thrilled to see a pic of Kensey wearing her creation and thought it was cool that Kensey's daddy is in the military too. Kiddy connection.

Kaia made a headband (after spending an hour shopping for a fabric she liked, we ended up with 5 super cute Amy Butler patterns BTW) which she is seriously better than me at doing. Guess she doesn't over think it. She made a necklace as well from a rock she had been tumbling...and tumbling...and tumbling. Literally since Christmas I have had a low hummmmm huuuummmm happening in my garage waiting for these polished gems to emerge! They finally did and she fitted it into a necklace shown below on Kensey!

Kaia also received her crafty item for the month which was this one of a kind clipboard. The perfect motivation for homework in my eyes - anything to get this kid excited about writing or reading! yippee from both Kaia and mama.
Thx - Crafty Katie : )
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