Saturday, November 17, 2012

NWA Boutique Show

The NWA Boutique Show is one of my favorite events for 2Katie Designs to attend as a vendor. I love the shopping, the atmosphere & customers are uncomparable. It's 2 days of exhausting fun! See  all thegreat NWA Boutique Show vendors details here.

I know all the vendors work hard to shine at this show and here are some behind the scenes from our workshop & booth space.

The preperation for this show is brutal...making inventory, packing it & loading it requires all hands on deck. Even my grandparents here for a visit from Washington State were put to work finish frames! They were great sports about it.

It's a mess setting up the booth & my creative input isn't always appreciate. I was in love with the idea of having rusty corrguated walls so the colorful items we have would pop visually...which my crafty husband made happen.
I also dreamed of curtains & a chandelier - he and my sewing friend Becky from Darling Livi also whipped those up for the booth.

A sparkly Christmas tree was a must.

Can't pay for help as good as this - love Kara!

 By the time the doors openin we looking all pulled together. Goodness overflowing from every possible corner. It was spectacular & better than my creative brain imagined.

Glorious wall of stockings!
The crafty hubs is the best sales guy...I really think the ladies like talking to him more than me : )
The chalkboard mustaches hidden in that front bin where a HIT - thankgoodness for last minnute suggestions from the team we made some & couldn't believe how fast they sold.

So much eye candy - frames, custom bedding, cutie signs & home decor.

We incorporated several furniture pieces we re-did in the booth decor this time. I loved how it worked for storage but also a good talking point about or abilities in that area.

Growth charts in several new styles were one of the most sought after items of the show. We couldn't make them fast enough.

Of course we had some little goodies like these gems. Fabulous Christmas headbands!

Little weenie dogs were a new item from Darling Livi - kiddos & adults love their stuffies.

We were stuffed to the gills with Chevron pillows, there were several Chevron items highlighted thruought the show in support of the "Show me your Chevron event" for I'm with Miller fundraiser they did as part of the event.
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These magnificent ladies make it all easy on me, putting up with my cranky stressed out creative self. We made it happen. Thanks to the NWA Boutique Show for having us.
Katie & the J2J Crew
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