Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back 2 Fabulous

Junque 2 Jewels is all about Funky, Fresh & Fabulous things…
well lately we haven’t been feeling so fabulous about ourselves.

Probably a results of STRESS and lack of time in our busy schedules, along with our tendencies to put ourselves last has led to chunky – rather than funky! Our love of food is in overdrive and today we need to set ourselves on a different path to getting "Back 2 Fabulous".

We say this all in good fun but we are serious about getting fit and feeling better about ourselves so we need YOU to help keep us accountable. We think small changes in our habits & daily lives can lead to big results over time so we will be sharing our small changes & updates along the way.

So please HELP - If you see us downing a big Mac or splurging on sweets – GRAB THEM URGENTLY FORM OUR HANDS AND DEMAND WE PUT DOWN THE FOOD!

Well maybe not that drastic, but the fear that we will be called on the carpet if we aren’t showing progress is great motivation for us. That’s part of while we are sharing this journey, the other is we hope you will come along with us too or find some of our info helpful & inspiring. So let day 1 begin!

Small Change Challenge #1
• Incorporate workouts into our daily lives – we have got to find 20-30 minutes a day


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