Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty Pinterest Party - SUPPLIES LIST

The project preffered by most party goers is the Tiered trays or platters project! Here details for gathering your supplies. Please email me with ANY questions

Pretty Pinterest Party goers – we have our first project decided and are set to get our craft on Tuesday, April 3rd. We can start around 6pm and hopefully complete our project within a couple hours. It’s very casual so if you want to head over when you get off work, or bring dinner with you do so! No rules here – just a good time making pretty schtuff.

Our first project will be tiered cake trays or pedestal platters. There are a variety of options for these types of trays so I created a supply list for two basic versions. You can bring stuff for both and tackle two projects (perhaps one for you and one for ...a gift?) Or focus on one for the evening. 

ALSO - I will be providing supplies for an extra fun photo project we can do while our other project is drying. Please bring a frame worthy 4x6 photo and you will leave with a crafty photo display for your house!

OPTION #1 - Burner Covers Tiered Tray
Example from

• 3 staggered sizes oven burner covers (stocked at Wal-Mart, dollar stores or available at thrift stores perhaps)
• Scrapbook paper – either 3 of the same or 3 different corrdinating ones to differenciate the layers.
• Wood Spindles (available at Hobby Lobby, and perhaps Lowe’s?)
• E 6000 Glue

OPTION #2 – Cake Pan/Pie Tins Tiered Tray
Example from

• 3 staggered sizes oven cake pans or Pie tins (stocked at Wal-Mart, or old ones from thrift stores perhaps)
• Wood, Brass or Crystal candle stick holders from thrift store or crystal candle stick holders from the dollar store will work.
• Desired Spray paint color (Rustoleum brand will adhere best to the brass or crystal candlestick surfaces!)
• E 6000 Glue

 The options are limitless for this type of project! There are so many colors and materials that can be used – look over our Pinterest board again for links to these type of projects to help you decide what you want to make!

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