Monday, April 9, 2012

May 1st, Pretty Pinterest Party Scoop

You're invited to come make: REPURPOSED Frames with us this month!

If you don't know the drill here are the details for you (and your gal pals you want to bring along):

You pin all sorts of pretty things on Pinterest. You say to yourself, "Oooh! I'm sooo gonna make that! Awe and THAT too! WOW- and that also!"

Senario #1 You go about your busy life and never make any of those above things you pin!

Senerio #2 You push the JOIN button right now and plan to get together with your awesome Pretty Pinterest Party gals once a month and bring a bottle of wine, a can of Diet Coke, and maybe even a bag of Taco Bell (okay that's what I would bring)... you get the idea...and you actually MAKE one or two of those Pinterest projects!

For May we have selected re-purposed frame as our project for the creative evening: You can visit the links below for inspiration and to determine what supplies you need to bring for the party.

Your basic supplies list will be: Frame, Chicken Wire/Twine or Wire, Spray paint for frame, mini clothespins (really cute ones are available at Signed, Sealed & Delivered BTW), Ribbon & Paper for embellishing.

Option #1: Chicken Wire Photo holder frame

Option #2: Birthday reminder frame

Option #3: Emebllished Home d├ęcor frame

See our Pinboard for links & details on upcoming projects & ideas:

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