Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frames, Frames & more FRAMES

It consumers our morning conversations over coffe, text message exchanges throughout the day & night time pillow chatter....


I am just reflecting tonight as I'm home doing "mommy" duties while my hubs is at the workshop busting out frame orders. We are so BLESSED, overwhelmed, excited, nervous and sometimes plain stressed out about our growing business. I love dealing with customers, getting a glimps into their lives while creating for them - the smiles & family memories on display make me truly HAPPY! I wish I could do it all day everyday (most days anyway), our shop is my happy place with a constant eb and flow of creative items being made and going out the door and new orders lined up behind them.

It consumes our life right is our life, our baby we are nuturing at the sacrifice of a lot of other things BUT it's so worth it! The constant paint on my fingers, the sleepless nights & stressful moments mean we are going somewhere - we have something great...and I don't ever want to get off this ride! Now I'm headed back to the shop to create more happy customers.

More info on our Wall {jUnQuE} frames is available on our Etsy shop: or on Also keep up with us on facebook at

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