Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Las Vegas Trip...part duex!

Okay so a trip to Vegas would not be complete without the dressing up each evening to hit the town for the fabulous dining and nightlife! Here are some of our favorites...

We hit Freemont street one night which is so old school Vegas, and Jon's favorite...Andy got hit on (or made fun of, not sure which) for his BOLD paisley top! It was a biker rally in town too which made for a very interesting mix of crowds.

Another evening we went to dinner & show with the whole crew which was hysterical to use one word! Half of us stayed at the Encore (part of the Wynn) so we went there for dinner and to see Le Reve. The show was like nothing I have ever seen before! Amazing acrobatics, music and multi-faceted performers doing water trips, diving, gymnastic and more...blew my mind![gallery columns="4"]


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