Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Las Vegas Trip!

Wow, I can't believe we made it to Las Vegas twice in one year! I know we just went in June for our anniversary but we couldn't pass up a trip to go with the Tillman's on their anniversary as tag alongs...then our boss and crew decided to tag along as well so it was the whole gang! Here are some of our favorite pics from the trip. We did a lot of hotel hoping, great dining out, saw the show Le Reve, visited hoover damn as well as the Boneyard (the place where all the old Vegas neon signs go to die).


Hoover Dam & the Boneyard

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Hoover Dam was one of those "must see in this lifetime" places so I am glad we went. The views and lanscape were breathtaking. We could see fish from the top swimming in the crystal blue waters. We enjoyed listening to the Dam Gift Shop employees jokes about the dam this and the dam on Vegas Vacation! went something like this...

"Did you know someone threw a dog of the dam yesterday?"

"No, really?"

"Yeah, they said it had too much dam mustard!" was a great atmosphere and work enviornment I imagine getting to joke all the time!


As for Boneyards, it surpassed all my expectations! We got some amazing photographs, it was so insipiring and colorful. But we also learned a ton of Vegas history which was enlightening as well. It sounds like they will be continuing to work on establishing a more formal museaum for these signs (rather than the rough fenced parking lot it is currently housed in!). I would add this to your must to in Vegas list for sure!

I will work on a second post of other Vegas pics soon.


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