Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crafty Flowers

[caption id="attachment_163" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="My handmade flowery things"]My handmade flowery things[/caption]

As usual when I find a new crafty thing I dive right in - buying all the necessary STUFF to conquer a new craft project. I've done it with paper-pieced t-shirts, tutus, haloween decorations...I just get myself into all these new things... and that is just what happened this weekend!  I became obsessed with fabric flowerly things. It started when I saw these outragious flowers on a cardigan at NY & CO. and then my brain starts going...hmmm I could make those (and cheaper than buying them at $4.50 a pop). Then the next thing I know I am searching u-tube for "how-to make a fabric flower", "retro hair accessories" and anything related.

Nothing great there so I surf over to and find some flowers I like and just start cutting out scraps of fabric and guessing how they made their lovely flowery creations. I used hot glue  (cuz I am far too impatient for sewing!) and some scrapbooking buttons I had around, and before long I have some flowers of my very own.


However, my next trip to Hobby Lobby of course included Organza, Fabric Stiffner spray, fun fabrics, more buttons and various attachment devices costing me nearly $100 so my effot to save $ by making the flowers myself is shot down and I have a kitchen island completely covered in hot glue and fabric scraps but they are OH SO CUTE!

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