Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pinterest Super Saturday Party!

I know you wanna be crafty ladies have a stash of supplies for a Pinterest project you were going to do...but life got in the way and you never got around to it. Am I right? Well this Pinterest Party is the perfect day to tackle something you've been wanting to do. Our workshop will be open all day Saturday for your crafting needs! 

Participants at this event are welcome to come and go between 9am -9pm and craft at their leisure on their own projects. There will be light snacks and beverages provided along with the use of our basic shop tools and supplies (paint brushes, hot glue guns, drills, hammers etc.) You also get the assistance of our fabulous crew to guide you on any challenging aspects of your projects. We want to help you bring pins to life! 

What will you make?

Workshop fee $15

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