Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 Weeks Intermediate Sewing Course, Starts August 6th!

If you have mastered the basics for sewing then this class is just what you need to set up your sewing space in style AND learn intermediate skills. Join Becky from Darling Livi for the next step in sewing!

  • 5 major projects, several mini projects to organize your sewing supplies
  • Learn zippers, button holes, bias tape, piping & all the fancy feet that come with your sewing machine
  • Master a variety of patterning skills 
  • 4 Classes at 2hrs+ in length (Every Tuesday evening in August)
  • Small group teaching setting, limited to 5 students 
  • Includes all fabrics & supplies as well as a binder with patterns & written instructions for each project

Intermediate Sewing, 4 Wk Course

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