Monday, April 15, 2013

Gone Junkin'

We have spent at least every other weekend the past several months trekking around the Ozarks to attend our daughters volleyball tournaments. It's really been great family time & serves as a mandatory escape from the never ending "to-do" list which I'm grateful for. The bonus of our volleyball getaways is scouting new junkin' gems! I've found some new favorite flea markets, cheapo thrift stores & junky places I of course love. Now I have little treasures collected from all my new favorite places.

Vintage Frame, Colorful spring vase & snazzy "s". I can never resist typography!

This ugly round table is going to be hacked up & transformed into the perfect end table for my living room...some day!

I'm hoarding colorful plates for a fabulous plate wall I am envisioning. Seriously I picked up some for .10, who can resist??? Now I need to find the wall space because I think my mission to find plates is complete.


Of coarse Kaia wanted to bring home a WHALE! It really was for sale & gave a good ride, alas our decor isn't suited for such shenanigans.

Bunches of goodness included a vintage globe, sheet music, a happy yellow egg basket, brass bunny and some antlers. Good junk I'm sure to find useful as decor in our house. Love a good chotchkie!

Drum roll please....the shining glory of my finds is this $40 dazzling gem!

Isn't she fabulous? Or at least she will be when I get time to mend her. Perhaps she will live over my bathtub.

Happy Junkin'

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