Monday, March 25, 2013

I am a lot of things

Some days I feel like I am just finding myself.

 Somehow at age 30 I have these "aha" moments that make me say..."oh, that's who I am".

 There are parts of me I am just learning about.

 I am a lot of things.

 I don't fit into a box and a mold of what is "normal" or expected.

 That applies to all of us.

 I guess we aren't always who we're expected to be.

 We can surprise even ourselves.

 I surprise myself!

How my interests & passions changes & grow.

My hopes & desires change.

I dream new dreams.

 And I think sometimes, I surprise my customers with how my business evolves.

By doing something they didn't expect - teaching at a different venue, changing a logo, letting parts of my business go, or by pursuing new businesses.

Sometimes their surprised in a bad way,


But more often I hope they are surprised in a great, inspirational way.

 Either way I am learning to be okay with that.

After all, I want my business to be so closely tied to who I am

and I am okay with being me

even if I am still figuring that out.

 But for today, what I have figured out is...

 I am a lot of things.


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