Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Proud Army Wife

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were waiting for the buses to arrive in Russelleville to pick up the soldiers to leave for Camp Shelby. Now he is in Iraq doing what he's been training to do for so long.

Things I wonder...Does it feel like a long time to you? Do you feel like you are making a difference over there? I really pray that this experience for you is fulfilling and you have found purpose in your time away from us. I know it is so tough for me, and Kaia as well, but I really think that the benefits in the long term will outweigh this trial we are going thru. I hope you have found a new confidence in yourself, not many can do what you have done! I hope you will have a new found enjoyment and love for your family and come back ready to embrace us.

 I know I have learned so much about myself already. I have learned I am not as tough as I thought I was. I have also come to realize just how much I love you….I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. And those words don’t even scratch the surface of capturing all my emotions. I know that you are the only one for me, and I wouldn’t endure this hardship for anyone but you. I couldn’t do it if you didn’t love me. And I don’t say all that to get a pat on the back for what I have gone thru because I do realize that the challenges, stress and work you face is so much harder than what I deal with. I just say it so you know that even though it’s hard, I do it because I love you and I will always want you to pursue your dreams. Even now knowing what I know about how long we would be apart and how it would impact our family, I am glad that you have had the opportunity. I still want you to continue to pursue whatever dreams you have when you get back too. I think you worry about Kaia and I and want to do what is best for us but I would tell you that God put certain desires in you for a reason and you need to pursue them. You are the head of this household and we are following you in whatever direction you would lead us. I trust your judgement!

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