Friday, April 12, 2013

Burlap Door Hanger Tutorial

                                            Photo courtesy of: Krista Campbell Photography

Some creative types are hesitant to share the steps to their craft but I think you will find I am just the OPPOSITE. I will tell you everything I know. For real. You will probably tune out about halfway thru my rant if we are talking ideas about how to make something...I am just that passionate about it, I can't keep anything crafty a secret!

I am also passionate about Pinterest {follow me here} and bringing everyone's favorite pins to life in our crafty classes at Junque 2 Jewels. We taught a Chevron Heart Burlap Door Hanger class back in January & it was one of our most popular crafts. Several ladies have since had crafting parties & started making "burlies" for every occasion.

Seriously aren't our crafty classes the funnest?

Now I realize not EVERYONE can make it to our stellar classes so here is my secret of making super duper cute burlap door hangers. Hopefully this is helpful & it will spark your creativity to make something of your own.

Photo courtesy of: Krista Campbell Photography

Burlap Door Hanger Tutorial


  •  Burlap (Approximately 1 yard will suffice for most projects)
  •  Bow materials (Burlap, Ribbon, Mesh or Raffia)
  •  Stuffing for door hanger (Wax paper, plastic bags or fluff will work)
  •  Wax Paper, Poster Board or cardboard (used to make template)
  •  Modge Podge
  •  Wire (12 gauge+ to create door hanger & floral wire to attach bow)
  •  Wire Cutters
  •  Paint Brush
  •  Adhesive (hot glue, modge podge or fabric spray adhesives will all work, use whatcha got!)

1. Decide on shape & size of your door hanger and create a template using wax paper, poster board or cardboard (or you can free hand). You need a front & back from burlap that are the same size & shape and then a slightly smaller version of the shape for your fabric.
***J2J TIP: Keep in mind the size of your front door or the area you plan to hang your finished product so you size the template appropriately.***

2. Trace design in pencil on burlap & cut out all burlap and/or fabric elements for the door hanger.

3. Embellish the front of your Burlap Door Hanger by adhering fabric to the front piece of your burlap door hanger. You can use: Hot Glue, Modge Podge, Spray Adhesive or Fabric Tac to secure your fabric.

4. Coat the burlap pieces with Modge Podge & allow to dry.
***J2J TIP: Cutting burlap makes the fabric lose its rigidity. Modge Podge helps minimize fraying & also provides some protection from the elements.***

5. Secure front & back pieces of burlap together around the edges with hot glue or preferred adhesive. Only secure ¾ of the way around the edges to create a "pocket" for stuffing.

6. Fill door hanger with desired stuffing & secure around remaining edges.You can make it more flat or puffy according to how much fill you put it, totally personal preference!
***J2J TIP: Using left over wax paper or plastic bags is economical & helps ensure your door hanger last longer since it is non-absorbent***

7. Cut wire for hanging to desired length and push thru top of burlap in 2 places. Use needle nose pliers to curl ends to secure.

8. Adorn door hanger with bow of your choice.
***J2J TIP: If hanging your finished project outside where it will be exposed, we recommend spraying with a sealer such as Polyurethane or other sealant. ***

9. SHOW OFF your fabulous creation!

See additional project examples & ideas for related projects on our Pinterest Boards!
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Enjoy sharing your passion!


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  2. Love this burlap heart door hanger! In step 4 where you say to coat the burlap with mod podge, do you also coat the chevron fabric with mod podge?


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